Do these 5 Tips to maintain your drains working perfectly

Most of the people do not clean or prevent the drain system of their house until they face an issue. Drains usually clog at the worst unexpected and inappropriate time Even if you have dealt with drain issues or not it is important to prevent them. Most plumbing issues caused by blocked drains could be easily prevented by keeping some simple daily habits.

According to the experts from Proactive Sewer, that have essential knowledge on this issue, here are the best tips so you can prevent future clogged drains.


  1. Be careful what you let go in the Kitchen area
  2. Give the Toilet an appropriate daily use
  3. Before showering, broom your hair
  4. For men, trimming mats to catch hair
  5. Never rinse Joint Compound or cement down the Drain


Finally, if after trying these different methods the problem persists, download our Ebook with easy tricks more to take a deeper look will be helpful.