Sewer lines

1. Sewer Repair

We are proud to offer reliable sewer repair and installation services throughout the Denver metro area. You can be certain that Proactive Sewer & Drain will provide you with speedy attention, free estimates, expert analysis, and professional courteous service. We are experts in fast, friendly sewer repair and service. We will accurately diagnose your sewer line problems, and will get the job done correctly the first time.

Transferable Warranty: All sewer repairs and replacements come with a Transferable Warranty.

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Steps We Take to Diagnose Sewer Problems

Someday, every sewer line requires maintenance or repair service. There are many reasons why a sewer line can malfunction including bellies, collapsed sewer lines, cracks or breaks in the pipes, grease build-up, line separation, perforations, tree root infestation, and sagging pipes. In addition to creating an immediate problem because your plumbing is not functioning properly, these problems can proliferate into larger and more expensive issues if not corrected in a timely manner. The last thing you want is a sewer line backing up into your home, or leaking into your yard.

We take several steps to make sure the exact cause of your sewer problems are determined:

1. Sewer Camera Inspection

The starting point of determining any sewer problem should be a Sewer Video Inspection. Instead of performing an expensive, time consuming, and costly excavation of your sewer lines, we can can inexpensively inspect every inch of the pipe with a state-of-the-art sewer line camera. This video inspection will enable us to detect what the problem is, and pinpoint the exact area where it is occurring. You can even watch the video yourself, and get a DVD copy. After the problem has been investigated, we can inform you of what the recommended options are.

2. Sewer Cleaning and Unclogging

Your pipe may just have a blockage that can be cleaned out with a quick and inexpensive rooter or hydrojetting procedure. The sources of these clogs could be grease build-up, other debris, or tree roots. If you have a sewer line that has ceased to drain or drains slowly, the best solution initially is to “rooter” or “cable” the pipe with a correctly sized cutter blade that cleans out the line. However, if there are physical defects within the line, sometimes cleaning out the pipes with these methods cannot restore drainage. We will never recommend a sewer line replacement if it is not needed.

3. Spot Repairs

There may be an area of the pipe that just needs a small repair, versus replacing the entire sewer line.

4. Compromised Structural Integrity

Broken, cracked, or sunken pipelines usually require a sewer line replacement because the pipes cannot be restored to proper function.

Sewer Installation & Replacement
Types of Sewer Line Damage

Certain types of sewer line damage necessitates that the sewer line be replaced. These types of damage include bellies, collapsed sewer lines, cracked joints, perforations, and sewer line separation.


Most people do not know what term “belly” in the sewer line means. It is simply a low or sagging spot in the line. Bellies can occur with clay, PVC, or other material piping. Many times bellies are caused by improper “bedding” of the line during the installation of the original sewer line.

When a sewer line has a low spot or is “sagging” the pipe will begin holding water in this area. Sometimes bellies do not create a problem. Problems begin when debris like paper, grease, or other solids begin to settle in the low area and are not flushed through the line, creating soft blockages. In many cases, soft blockages can be cleaned and pushed out easily with regular cleaning. However, in some cases the only way to fix a belly is to repair or replace the sewer line.

Collapsed Sewer Line

Certain types of sewer lines are susceptible to collapsing. These include bituminized fiber pipe and cast iron pipes. Also age and deterioration play a significant role in pipes collapsing. If a sewer line has collapsed in anywhere in the line, it is recommended that the sewer pipe be replaced.


Perforations consist of multiple holes within a line. Perforations typically occur in pipes made of cast iron. Cast iron sewer lines tend to deteriorate and are susceptible to collapsing. In addition, cast iron pipes are more likely to experience tree root infestation. When a perforation condition is detected, it is recommended that the pipe be replaced.

Sewer Line Separation

A sewer line separation is exactly what it says – the sewer line has come apart. The primary reason for separations is ground movement which can be naturally occurring or created by an external source. Cracked joints can cause separations over time. Installation workmanship can be the culprit in some cases. For example, joints in a PVC should not pull apart if properly installed. In all these cases, the sewer line needs to be replaced.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Methods

Sewer lines can be replaced with two main methods, sewer line excavation and trenchless sewer repair. The method chosen to perform the repair or replacement depends upon various factors for the homeowner to decide on.

1. Sewer Excavation
2. Trenchless Sewer Repair

Warning Signs That You Have A Sewer Problem

There are several signs that can indicate there is something wrong with a sewer line. Homeowners and businesses should be aware of these so that they can hire a plumber to solve the problem before it becomes a more extensive and expensive sewer repair project.

Clogged Drain or Toilet

The most common indicator that your sewer line has a problem is water backing up from a drain or toilet, or you hear a “gurgling” sound coming from the drains. If your toilets start percolating or you get water around a floor drain after you have used the dishwasher or washing machine, this is a telltale sign that you have a sewer blockage.

These clogs can develop in the main sewer line or a secondary line. If the main line is clogged, this will cause problems with any water you run in the home. Any water that you run will cause the percolating sounds in the toilet and/or the water comes up in the bathtub or floor drains in the basement.

If a secondary line has a clog, the problem will be isolated to that secondary line. For example, the bathroom sink does not drain or the water comes back up in the bathtub, but the toilet drains fine.

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Debris Build-up

In newer homes a common cause of blockages includes feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and certain types of thick toilet paper.

Foul Odors

Foul odors coming from your drains, sinks, or in the yard can be indicators there is a blockage or leaking occurring in the sewer line.

Tree Roots

In older homes, tree roots are the main cause of a clogged sewer line. Over time the tree roots have actually crushed the pipes.

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2. Sewer Replacement

Proactive Sewer & Drain specializes in Denver sewer line replacement for homes and businesses in the metro area. The experts at Proactive can pinpoint the problem in you sewer pipeline If there is a problem, we can diagnose it and recommend a plan that will efficiently and cost-effectively replace your sewer line.

Transferable Warranty: All sewer repairs and replacements come with a Transferable Warranty.

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Cracked, clogged, or aging sewer lines that can cause a number of problems for you home or business. We recommend you get your sewer line fixed before you risk property damage that can be costly, time consuming to repair, and stressful.

Our sewer replacement services are accurate and affordable. When you hire Proactive Sewer & Drain, you are getting a team of sewer replacement experts to safely take you through the entire process.

In most cases, it is a drain clog, sewer backup, or other drain cleaning problem that is the first sign you may need a sewer line replacement. As part of the sewer line cleaning process, our technicians inspect the sewer line with our sewer video inspection camera system in order to diagnose any breaks, cracks, offset joints, root intrusions, sags or bellies that have developed and may require a sewer replacement or spot repairs.

Our staff of sewer line technicians are highly trained and experienced with sewer replacements, and will provide you a complete diagnosis, recommendations, and options on how to best handle your sewer line problem.

3. Trenchless Repair

Proactive Sewer & Drain has years of experience providing trenchless sewer line repair in the Denver metro area.

The “No Dig” Solution

We rely on the trenchless sewer and water line repair service to meet the needs of customers who want sewer repairs done in a shorter time, and do not want their landscaping dug up. The technology is faster and there is no digging involved.

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Trenchless Sewer Replacement Technology
How It Works

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of replacing underground sewer, water, or natural gas pipelines without having to dig trenches throughout the yard. There is a launching and receiving pit dug where the new pipe is fed in and out, eliminating the need for full length trenches.

The pipe bursting machine is set in the receiving pit and is connected to the pipe at the entry via a cable. The machine pulls the “bursting” head and new HDPE pipe into the line. In the process of pulling the new pipe through, the old pipe is broken apart and the new pipe replaces it.

Once the new pipe has been pulled entirely through, our technicians connect the new sewer pipe to the sewer main line, the entry pits are filled back in, the city inspects the line to make sure everything meets code, and you’re back in business!

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I will never call anyone else for drain/sewer work. They have earned my business, hands-down.”

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Why You Should Consider Trenchless

It can be difficult to make an accurate assessment regarding sewer line problems without excavating your property. However, excavating is a unsettling technique that can potentially cause damage to your property, and it is very labor intensive.

– Trenchless Offers
– Shorter project completion time
– No damage to landscaping and infrastructure
– Ideal for sewer and water lines
– Proven technology
– Cost-effective

Proactive Sewer & Drain can help you avoid this disruptive process with our Trenchless Sewer Repair and Replacement services. When the scenario is right, the trenchless method can be used instead of excavation. The trenchless “no dig” technology allows you to replace your sewer line without digging up your driveway, yard, landscaping, lawn and sidewalks.

Will Trenchless Work at Your Property?

Since there is no major excavation work being done, the trenchless method can be used in virtually any scenario. We have never encountered a situation where we could not perform a sewer or water line replacement using the trenchless system at a home or business.

Go Trenchless “No Dig” Sewer Repair Keep Your Property Beautiful, and Sewer Lines Flowing

4. Sewer Excavation

Proactive Sewer & Drain has years of experience providing sewer and water line excavation and repair services in the Denver metro area.

Transferable Warranty: All sewer repairs and replacements come with a Transferable Warranty.

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When Should Sewer Excavation Be Used?

Sewer and water line excavation is a complex process that requires precision. Because we are highly experienced in excavation for sewer and water repairs, we can respond to these situations readily, whether it is an emergency or not.

Underground sewer and water line problems can be disruptive and sometimes they need to be fixed immediately. If a malfunctioning line is causing flooding, lack of water, or major sewage backups, these problems need to be resolved quickly to prevent more damage.

Sewer excavation is ideal when lines need spot repairs, need to be regraded, or the pitch or slope of the line needs to be corrected because of “bellies” or “sags” in the pipline. Excavations are also necessary when sewer and water lines need to be re-routed.

– Spot repairs
– Open Cut
– Regrades or Slope correction
– Line re-routing

Spot Repairs

Spot sewer repairs are performed when just a section of the pipe needs repair, and the whole line doesn’t need to be replaced. Excavation at the location of the repair needs to be done to access the sewer line.

Open Cut

Open cuts are performed when a longer section of pipe needs repair, and a trench has to be dug along the entire length of the line.

Sewer Line Belly Repair

Low areas in the sewer line or “bellies” are caused by soil erosion, foundation settlement, geological events, or by faulty workmanship when the line was installed with poor soil compaction or poor installation. Instead of the pipe lying straight, it develops a sag or low point where water and debris build up and create a blockage.

How are sewer line bellies repaired? The only way to repair a sewer line belly, sag, low area, or back-pitch is to use conventional sewer line replacement methods. The line has to be dug up and the affected section(s) of the sewer pipe need to be replaced to retore the proper slope or grade in the line. Depending on the circumstances, only a section of the pipe, or the whole line will need to be replaced.

Sewer Line Re-Routing

The re-routing of sewer lines is performed when there is a remodeling project being done on a home, new structures are being added that need sewer line connections.

Residential & Commercial Sewer & Water Line Excavation

We specialize in both residential and commercial excavation for sewer lines, water lines, storm drains and more. Our attention to safety coupled with our extensive experience in underground projects, enables us to complete excavation projects properly and safely. Our skilled crews, equipment, and technology allows us to complete projects on schedule and on-time.

“Great family run business! Proactive came out to replace a toilet flange and reset the toilet. I had them come out after a larger company tried to scam me out of a lot of money for the same job. They came to my house right away, explained the whole process, told me about the cost of parts and then fixed the toilet for me. PLUS they charged me a fair price for the work done.”

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“Had a great experience with both Chris, the technician who came out and scoped our sewer line, and the owner, Phil. After receiving the report I had some additional questions, but Phil took the time to really explain their recommendation and make sure that all of my questions and concerns were addressed. These guys are experts that really know their stuff, demonstrated a high degree of customer service and professionalism, and I would definitely recommend them for sewer scoping needs”

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5. Cleanout Installation

Proactive Sewer & Drain performs sewer cleanout installation for homeowners and commercial properties.

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What is a Sewer Cleanout?

A sewer cleanout is a pipe with a removable top lid that is connected to the sewer line. Usually, they are outside and rise vertically from the sewer line flush with the surface area, and can been seen in the lawn. When the lid is removed the sewer line can be accessed with sewer cleaning machinery to clear your blocked sewer pipe, or to run a sewer video camera to inspect the line.

Advantages of Sewer Cleanouts

A blocked or damaged sewer line is never a enjoyable experience for a homeowner or business. Clearing blockages in a sewer line is easier if there is a “cleanout” installed on the sewer line. The cleanout allows the technician to access the sewer line easily and use larger sewer clearing equipment to remove the blockages. Most of the time, cleanouts are located outside, and the sewer cleaning job can be done outside of your home. If you have a cleanout, make sure you know where it is located in case the need arises to clean your sewer line.

Cleanouts – Smart Choice

If you do not have a sewer cleanout, you should consider having one installed for easier cleaning, maintenance or video inspection in the future. Having an outdoor sewer cleanout installed is a smart choice for any property owner because it makes it much simpler and faster for a plumber to access your sewer line in case of an emergency.

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6. Sewer Cleaning
Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Proactive Sewer & Drain has years of experience providing sewer and water line excavation and repair services in the Denver metro area.

Guarantee: We offer a 30 day guarantee on our sewer and drain clearing services.

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We Can Unclog Any Drain

Fast, friendly and thorough sewer and drain cleaning.

We clean up after ourselves and warranty our work.

We offer a valuable service to keep costly drain backups and the costly mess they leave behind from occurring.

Being Pro-Active with recommended maintenance will save money and frustration from an untimely back up or unexpected sewer or drain line failure.

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7. Hydro Jetting

Proactive Sewer & Drain has years of experience providing hydrojetting services in the Denver metro area.

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“Hydro-Scrubbing” the lines to remove years of build up on the pipe walls allowing the line to drain faster and more efficiently.

This deep cleaning can remove a larger amount of roots than traditional cabling and also allow for a longer period of time between cleanings.

Specialized equipment to better clean lines that have difficult access, long runs or severe obstructions and moderate debris.

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