Pipe Inspections

1. Sewer Scope

Proactive Sewer & Drain performs UNBIASED sewer video inspections for homeowners, commercial property owners, new home buyers, home inspectors, realtors, and property management companies. We reveal the pipes you can’t see underground.

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Sewer home inspection in Denver Colorado

2. Sewer Home Inspection


Get a professional sewer line home inspection to give you peace of mind before you finalize a new home purchase. Get a Sewer Line Home Inspection – Before You Buy.

Transferable Warranty: All sewer repairs and replacements come with a Transferable Warranty.

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Home Buyers

Be safe and do a pre-purchase sewer line home inspection to make certain there are no problems with the sewer line system before you buy. This could literally save you thousands of dollars if there is a problem that needs to be fixed before you move into your new home.


Our pipeline video inspection team examines pipes benefiting REALTORS®, Home Inspectors, Home Buyers & Sellers. Put our trusted inspection service on your pre-purchase checklist.

Thorough, accurate and easy to understand reports that can be shared easily and can be produced within a reasonable time after the inspection.

Let us be on “your team” as a reliable asset to perform sewer and drain line inspections, troubleshoot and provide no cost second opinions.

Home Inspectors

We can be scheduled to come out at the time of a home inspection to perform the critical sewer inspection.

We provide high quality sewer inspections for a value.

Property Management Companies

Years of experience in troubleshooting difficult sewer and drain issues from mysterious water on the ground to a sewer smell that is undetectable.

“Highly recommend these guys! I use them on my personal home and recommend them to all of my clients. They are honest and don’t oversell you just to make an extra dollar. So much integrity and knowledge. Can’t say enough wonderful things about them!!”

Madison Kissel

3. Sewer & Drain Line Locating

Sewer Line Locating

Don’t know where your sewer line runs underground? We perform sewer and drain line locating service to locate your pipes. We also can locate exactly where a problem is in your sewer line.

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Sewer Pipe Locating Service

When your sewer line needs repairing or replacement, sometimes the only way to get the access to the sewer pipe is to excavate and make the repairs. In many cases, the exact location of the sewer line is not known or obvious. Even with blueprints it can be difficult to find the exact location of the line.

This is when you need a sewer locating service.

Using the state of the art technology, Proactive Sewer & Drain is able to locate sewer lines without tearing up your landscaping or sidewalk. We insert a camera into the sewer pipe through the sewer cleanout or other access point, and our sewer technicians use a hand held radio transmitter to pinpoint the exact location to dig. When you hire a experienced and professional sewer locating service, the job will get finished quickly, accurately, and will save you money by avoiding and digging mistakes.

By hiring Proactive Sewer & Drain to locate your sewage pipe, you can have peace of mind that your home gets the sewer work it needs done quickly, efficiently and correctly. Not only does Proactive use the latest technology to locate sewer lines, but we also have decades of experience replacing and repairing sewer lines. When you hire Proactive, both the sewer location service and the repairs can be completed by us.

Every day you spend trying to locate your sewer line is another day your household is forced to deal with sewer problems. Get the job done right the first time by calling Proactive Sewer & Drain for sewer locating services and to repair or replace any malfunctioning sewage pipes.

“Wonderful timely service! They made it simple for me to have work done from a distance. Highly recommended.”

Maggie Leyendecker

4. Sewer Camera Inspection Cost

All sewer camera inspection cost is offered on a Flat Rate Pricing model.

Transferable Warranty: All sewer repairs and replacements come with a Transferable Warranty.

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Sewer Inspection Cost

We offer a flat rate price for sewer and drain camera inspections. There are no additional charges for pipe access or locating issues, removal and resetting of toilets or other fixtures. Also, the DVD, written report, and video link are all included in the sewer or drain pipe inspection package.

Flat Rate Pricing Package
  • DVD
  • Video Link
  • Written Report
  • Line Locating if Needed / Requested
  • No add on charges

“Service Pro Chris is delightful. He is polite, efficient, professional and conscientious. He was able to identify my sewer line problem quickly and made arrangements to take care of repairs. Chris is an asset to his company. I highly recommend him!”

Susan Pasek

“I’m a Denver realtor and I’ve used Phil upwards of 10x if not more. He’s very professional, timely, calls back/texts promptly, and is always thousands of dollars less than other sewer repair companies. I would recommend Phil and ProActive Sewer & Drain over and over again!”

Forrest Johnson

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