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Floor Drain

Proactive Sewer & Drain performs floor drain cleaning, maintenance, and repair.

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Basement Floor Drains

Basement floor drains are important because they will drain water in the event of a flood. These do not get used very often, so years of debris and scale can restrict the drain function. We clean and test these drains to ensure they are properly functioning.

Common Signs of Issues with Floor Drains

Are you having problems with your floor drain? Is it emitting bad odors, or is it draining slowly? At Proactive Sewer & Drain, we are experienced in solving any type of problems with your floor drains you may be experiencing.

Foul Odors. Odors that rise up through the drain can be extremely bad. In addition, sometimes insects from the sewer come up through the drain. The usual culprit in this case is your floor drain trap becoming dry.

Clogged Drain. Dirt, hair, soap, and other debris can built-up blockages in your drain pipe over time, preventing the drains from flowing effectively. If your drain is overflowing, or doesn’t drain as it should, give us a call for a drain cleaning. We can remove any drain blockage.

Sewer Pipe Leaks. If your drain never overflows, that could mean trouble. Your home plumbing system is set up to relieve pressure off the main drain line when a large volume of water is sent out. Examples of this type of increased water flow is when you run the washing machine and dishwasher simultaneously. In this scenario, it is normal for your floor drain to overflow a little so your main drain line is blasted with excessive water flow all at once. If you never have any overflow, this may indicate you have a broke sewer line that is expelling wastewater into the ground.