10 Reasons for Running a Sewer Lines Inspection Before Spring

10 Reasons for Running a Sewer Lines Inspection Before Spring

Proactive wants to warn you about the importance of running an inspection of the sewer lines before Spring. It is crucial to inspect the Lines before, during and after winter, especially in areas where weather hits hard. In any case, if you haven’t done it yet, you will find that having your lines clean before spring can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

1.Sewer Lines Provide An Essential Service to Your House

The sewer system takes away all the waste and drainage of your home. Any expert would tell you that it is mandatory to run an inspection to know the state of the pipes, even more, if you are buying a new house. Before buying you should ask for it in your inspection checklist.

2.Weather is unpredictable


It is specially important to inspect the sewer system after the winter because of the stress caused on the pipes by the accumulation of frozen water, mud and snow. In areas where spring weather is unpredictable, it is better to anticipate hard rains.

3.Frozen water can cause structural damage

When water freezes it expands and builds up inside the pipes. That is the reason why it is common to notice less water pressure during this time of year. The build up of expanded frozen water can cause the sewer lines to crack. When lines burst, leaks start to appear, causing structural damage, compromising the sewer system and your home structure.

4.Save thousands of dollars

Running an inspection may help you save thousands of dollars. Not doing so can bring consequences that range from a water heater malfunction to a serious leakage causing a plumbing emergency. A timely sewer inspection can prevent, for instance, a costly basement flood. Health consequences associated with these kinds of incidents can be very expensive too.

5.Added effect of cold water and other underground factors

Cold temperatures add an additional stress to a sewer system that you are unable to see. For example, the ground itself can freeze and make your sewer lines suffer. Other significant factors such as tree roots, flooded ground and several underground variables are already affecting adversely your pipes.

6.It is better to prevent than to regret

Avoid a big headache by scheduling an inspection. Experts recommend regular cleaning to stay ahead of backups. A camera inspection of your lines will reveal major problems, locating areas where cleaning or repairing should be made. It is always better to prevent. This is the best time to do it.

7.Health risks in Covid Times

Finally, due to the pandemics, the last thing you want to happen is a sewer system malfunction. Any means of prevention is needed to protect the health of your family. Be proactive and schedule an inspection. We will be more than happy to inspect every detail, make necessary repairs and answer all your plumbing questions.

8.Materials tend to rot

Depending on the type of materials your pipes are made of, a complete replacement is needed every 30 years or so, sometimes less sometimes more. If you inspect it before it happens, you can save thousands of dollars spent on repairing a major issue. Costly repairs are associated to the plumbing system. Imagine foundation repairs or requiring an excavation.

9.Before Winter Inspection is Just as Important

As we said before, experts recommend an inspection before, during and after the winter. It is important because it may prevent problems with basic needs for the season such as water and heat. It is the best solution for preventing future plumbing issues.

10.An Inspection will get to places you can not see.

A sewer Inspection uses a camera that goes into your pipes. It is a special high-resolution camera attached to a rod transmitting a signal that will alert us to exactly where any obstructions are. Price for the inspection is 150 dollars, it is nothing compared to the thousands of dollars you can end up spending on repairs depending on the damage.

Our expert technicians of licensed plumbers will detect any problem, crack, separation or blocks in your sewer system and make sure you are safe and ready for the next season.

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