When do you need hydrojetting?

When do you need hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is the ultimate drain and sewer line cleaning method. Hydrojetting uses highly pressurized water at high speed to remove grease, solid debris and mineral scale that builds inside your pipes. It is safer than using physical tools such as an auger or a plumbing snake for the removal of the build-ups and way more effective. However, when the pipes are deteriorated hydro jetting can damage the pipes, as physical tools inserted into deteriorated drain lines can also break them. You need to know when to use hydrojetting so you can get the proper maintenance or repair when needed. It is also important to know that you should hire a drain specialist who will protect the integrity of your lines as much as possible.

1. Slow drain

The first sign that may suggest a plumbing problem is a slow drain. This is sometimes unnoticed because it is a progressive condition. The reasons that make your drains slow can vary from blockage in the floor drain of your toilet to a failing garbage disposal. For that reason there has to be a complete understanding of the situation to choose hydrojetting or any other method.

2. Noisy drain pipes

Unusual sounds like screeching, hissing, gurgling or ticking are a sign of something in your lines that shouldn’t be there. It can also suggest a clogged or blocked vent stack. It is a pipe that extends from the sewer system to the roof, releasing gases and helping water pressure moving freely in the sewer line.

Cleaning the vent stack prevents blockage and negative pressure that restricts the free circulation of the water. Air pockets in the pipe system caused by negative pressure and other clogs can be solved with hydrojetting or drain snaking depending on the situation.

3. Bad smells in the bathroom or in the kitchen

The p trap under your sink can be the cause of the bad smells since its main function is to trap those odors. It has to have moisture to trap the smells so when it dries it begins to malfunction.

Moisture spots under the bathroom or kitchen sink suggest a leak that might be caused by clogging of the lines. It shows the need to look for the areas where excessive pressure is forcing water and waste out and determine if hydrojetting is the method needed.

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