What is a sewer clean out and why do you need it?

What is a sewer clean out and why do you need it?

Almost everyone has experienced problems with their sewer lines. If you haven’t yet you can consider yourself a fortunate person.

Getting to know a little more about your sewer line will help you feel prepared for any event related to these systems.

In this article we hope to show you what is a sewer clean out, and if you already know what it is, we will certainly show information that will help you use it and know it better. 

This is very useful because you can use it to do maintenance and avoid more serious issues. Please follow us because this is something you should know as a home owner.

What is a sewer clean out?

Every home has a system called the sewer clean out that allows its owner to access the sewer line and remove blockages. 

It also allows a plumber to run an inspection of the blockages using video inspection devices. 

The sewer clean out is a pipe with a cap that stands out from the lateral sewer line which connects your home to the public sewer system. 

It can also run out to a septic tank. When the lateral sewer line needs to be unclogged, or the sewer clean out needs to be emptied, it is responsibility of the property owner to do so and pay for the costs. In any case, the costs will fall on the property owner.

There may be several points at the lateral sewer line that project each a sewer clean out. The pipes will generally be either cast iron or PVC (plastic) with a cap of plastic, brass or cast iron on top.

Most of the time it is located in the basement, as is the case when it snows in your region. It is important to know its location so you can access quickly if anything happens.

It is also important to know that the public sewer system maintained by the local municipality has several sewer clean outs.

The maintenance of this points and  its costs are assumed by the city.

There are two types. A single clean out is a fitting shaped like a “Y” with the tap coming off at about 45 degrees. It allows the insertion of  a cable or a camera in one direction. 

A double cleanout looks like a “U,” and has two caps, which allows access in both directions.


We invite you to download the following tips so that you know when to use a sewer clean out

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