10 Reasons why you should never use chemical drain cleaners

10 Reasons why you should never use chemical drain cleaners

You should consider serious hazards to your health and the health of others when using chemical products to unclog your drain.

Besides that, you should know very well the state of your lines before using this method  because it may be not effective, and not only that, it may damage your lines further causing you to loose big money.

The best thing you can do for the environment, for your children, for your health and for the health of others is to look for experienced help to solve your drain issues.

Here are ten reasons why you should never use chemical drain cleaners:

1. It may not be the solution you need

To pour chemical agents down your lines is a decision that should be taken over a correct consideration of the type of problem you are facing.

If the drain clog is due to damaged pipes or issues with your sewer lines, that is certainly not the correct decision.

2. It can damage your pipes

When the drain is completely clogged, the chemicals will sit in the pipes instead of eating away the blockage.

These chemicals are very caustic and can eat away materials such as: PVC, Copper, Galvanized Steel, Iron and Fixtures.

3. Hazard to your children

The products that are commercialized to be used as drain cleaners are a threat to the health of the human body.

It is not even worth the risk to bring them into your house and leave them at the reach of your children. The best thing you can do to prevent is to never use chemical drain cleaners.

4. Toxicity

Those chemicals can cause serious injury that goes from vision loss to death. The fumes are very toxic and can irritate your eyes and nose even after you have used the cleaner.

They contain some of the most corrosive and toxic chemicals known, including Sulfuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide.

5. Hazardous to the environment

When the cleaning liquids are discarded into landfills the chemicals are introduced into water systems, resulting in being hazardous to the ecosystem by poisoning plants and animals.

Discover 5 more reasons why you never should use chemical drain cleaners:

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